Some people will, Some pEOple won't!

May 22, 2021

10 Tips to become UNSTOPPABLE in life!

No matter what are your goals in life, we are all forced to step up our game at some point in our life. Whether it’s in your professional life, your love life, your spiritual life, name it. In my book, Some People Will, Some People Won’t, I have put the principles I have learned the hard way that became the 10 rules I live by to strive in life. To become unstoppable! Here they are.

1. Know what you are and what you are not

Know yourself first! You are going to spend a lot of time with yourself so you better start knowing yourself better through the years. Know what you are and what you are not. What do I mean by that?

I know I’m not the best at everything. I know I’m not the smartest at this or that, so don’t start bragging and thus, looking like a complete idiot! Know your place. It’s easy to see who’s the weakest in a group of person. It is usually the loudest one. Let him talk his nonsense. Actions speak louder than words.

Instead, speak when you have something to say. People will be more interested in what you have to say rather than talking shit all the time.

Every self improvement journey starts with knowing ourself better. Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. Be a witness of them and ask yourself why are you feeling this or that way? Why are you thinking this or that? Accept these thoughts and feelings. Training your brain to think this way will help you to get to know yourself better.

2. The value of time

How do you value your time? What is an hour for you? How much is an hour of your time worth? Do you have an answer to these questions? You should. Do you know how much hours there are in a week? How do you value your time? Do you value your time at all?

Most of us trade 5 days of work for 2 days of free time. That’s the modern day slavery. But the difference lies in how we value our time. How much is an hour of your time worth? It depends! Let me explain. For example, let’s say you work at McDonald’s, an hour of your time is worth minimum wage. An hour of your life is worth this little! You are basically trading your life away!

When we say time is money. It is the cold hard truth! Everyone should value their time according to the value they bring. How much do you think you are bringing to this or that within this hour? For example, we all know that lawyers are expensive, because they bring value. Their time is value, their time is money!

Crank up your value by learning a skill no one wants to learn and the value of your time will go up.

Do the things no one’s willing to do and you will get what they will never have. – Thomas Shelby

3. You are not entitled

Life doesn’t owe you anything! Whether you’ve been through rough times or whatever. Life simply doesn’t care about that! Life will not sympathize with you just because you think you have good karma. It is not because you see the past week as shitty that you deserve the entire world to go out of their own way just to satisfy your own selfish ass. Life simply doesn’t care!

I simply find it funny when I see people thinking and acting like they only deserve the best and only the best more than anyone else around in life. Come on! Get off you high horses! You are not special, your majesty!

You probably think of someone you know that is an entitled person. This kind of person wants everyone to go out of their own way for them. Like everyone owes them something. It could go from borrowing you a pen, your phone, your car or even your house! And they would still complain that the house isn’t clean enough even if you’ve borrowed it to them for free! Unbelievable. Don’t be that guy or gal! You will inevitably scare people away.

4. Stop acting like a victim

Oh you poor victim! Poor you! Pathetic! The victim syndrome is very real!

Life doesn’t happen TO you. It just happens and things are neutral. There’s no such thing as good or bad. It is just our perception of the event. This type of person doesn’t take responsibility of his own well-being. They just blame everything and everyone else around for their misfortunes. If they don’t have enough money, it is because of the government. If they are unhappy, it is because their neighbours are mean to them and I could go on forever.

Putting the blame on external forces is like giving control of your own life to someone or something else! It is total self-disrespect! How could you let something or someone else be in control of YOUR life? It doesn’t make any sense! Take responsibility for your actions and inactions and stop seeing yourself as a victim of life all the time! You are worth more than that!

You are in control of your life and how you see things. And come on! You know it. Deep down, we all know we’re to blame most of the time. Just admit it. Grow up a little.If you’re late to a meeting, don’t blame the traffic, you simply have a hard time managing time. Quit the blame game.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people

I’m probably sure you heard the saying that you are the sum of the 5 people you hangout with? I don’t know why it’s 5 people, but hey! Makes sense to me. Go out and meet like-minded people. People that are positive, that are yearning for more and people you can learn from. If you surround yourself with pot smokers, you are much more at risk of becoming a pot smoker yourself. If you surround yourself with people who drink, you will be at risk of being a drinker too. But if you surround yourself with people who read self-help books, you will probably become a reader yourself.

Ultimately, if you surround yourself with successful people, the higher your chance of becoming successful yourself. I think you get the point. Figure out where you can find those people. Reach out for them. Don’t be scared. Positive people will be happy to meet like-minded people. You will discover a different vibe than with your previous group of friends.

Don’t make up excuses! Even if you are an introvert, taking this important step will also force you out of your comfort zone. Which is what we want, remember? Yes! Only positivity can come out of it. When I elevated my social circle of friends, it changed the way I saw things. It helped me see other people’s perspective of life. In particular, my business partner, who is an extraordinary positive woman. I immediately felt the vibe and I started to also adopt a more optimistic way of thinking as we would exchange on countless mutual interests. Don’t underestimate this tip. The people you are about to meet all come from different backgrounds but maybe their stories aren’t that different from yours after all. Who knows? Go meet with them!

6. Be the most positive person in the room

Anywhere. Anytime. Be the most positive guy in the place! Be so positive, they feel they have to reach your level of positivity to connect with you. They will feel they will have to adapt to you. To reach your level of positivity. That way, you will seem invincible. Nothing can drag you down. People are dragged towards the person that stands out the most in the room. Be that guy. You are that guy!

! Imagine you are at a dinner with some of your new like-minded friends. One of them just met someone he invited to join the group. This new person talks about negative stuff all night long. Would you like to be around that person? What good does it bring to you? Nothing.

People want positive and will be interested in hearing what you have to say and hang around with you. We had enough of negative stuff, let’s spread positivity instead!

7. Define success and failure

We often hear that we should all define success for ourselves. But what about failure? We never hear teachers in school teaching how to deal with failure! Which is inevitable. Failure is seen as a bad thing. When we fail a test, for example. We live in a society that puts success on a pedestal. We are told that we have to be the greatest at everything, have good grades in every subject in school and so on. But if someone fails, people are pointing fingers at him.

We’ve all failed a test once in our life. Are you dead? Did it hurt? Not really, huh? It is not the end of the world. And anyway, is it really important to learn all that algebra shenanigan? Have you ever used it in your life after that test?

I think it is important to educate people on how to define success and failure for themselves at a young age and most importantly to educate them on how to cope with failure, because we will encounter failure more than once in our life, it’s right up the corner, buddy! For example. for a musician, if failure means not becoming a well-known rockstar, you are setting yourself to fail! You are playing against the odds! Define success and failure to have a clear view of what you want out of life.

8. Failure is part of the process

There is no success without failure. Same as there’s no light without darkness. As I just said, failure is right up the corner. You and I will inevitably face failure again in our lives. The only thing that will make a difference is how we deal with it. Will you beat yourself down or get back up on your horse and keep on trying?

We often hear success stories of entrepreneurs becoming billionaires overnight. These couldn’t be farther from the truth! People who succeed fail! They certainly failed more time than you and I, my friend! It all comes down to you and how you will deal with failure. You must understand that failure is part of the process. Failure is a great teacher!

Because you know what? Failure only happens when you quit. It is the only way to really fail in life. So don’t quit! Simple right? Yep.

The greatest teacher, failure is. – Yoda

9. Set yourself objectives

And I mean, HUGE objectives. So, even if you only hit 50% of them, you will still hit BIG! Whatever you do in life, set yourself big objectives. And I mean, bigger than what you think you can achieve. You might surprise yourself. Set huge objectives so that even if you just hit 50% of it, it is still huge!

What you shouldn’t do, on the contrary is to lower your objectives to achieve them. This will, not only, demotivate you, but also make you lazy. And if you lower your objectives just to tell yourself that you met them isn’t gonna make you feel very good, right? Pretty sure it wouldn’t. Whatever the field you’re in, set some huge objectives, shoot for the stars, think big! This is the only way of achieving remarkable results and to stand out from the crowd.

You don’t want to hit a 1 000$ in sales, make it 10 000$! I recommend reading the 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. You know what, go read all his books! This guy’s the go-to guy! You won’t be disappointed! His energy and drive will hype you up!

10. Discipline and habits

Successful people do something whether they want to or not. No wonder why they achieve massive amounts of success. They commit to it! We commit to self-discipline! It is one of the major keys to success. Otherwise, we’d all be on our couch, fat and depressed. You gotta force yourself into action even if you’re not feeling motivated until motivation eventually comes! We force it! We hack our motivation by applying self-discipline into our daily life. Self-discipline will help you achieve your goals and stay focused while doing it. It gives you the motivation to stick to difficult and/or boring tasks and allows you to overcome obstacles in your way to new heights. Because we’re not going down or sideways! We are going up!

Here are 5 tips & habits to implement into your life.

– Cut the addictions

Overcoming any addictions in life can only lead to one destination, happiness. Any form of addiction, such as alcoholism or being addicted to drugs, is damaging your body and mind. Addiction is the need or strong desire to do or to have something or a strong liking for something.   Addiction is the embodiment of being a slave of something. You become dependent and you do not want to depend on something to live a better life!

It’s as if you are giving the control of your own life into something else! You cannot afford yourself to do this! You are in charge. Addictions would therefore mean total self-disrespect! When you become addicted, your brain receptors become overwhelmed, it then responds by producing less dopamine. This can lead to damaging your brain, the quality of your sleep, developing heart diseases, destroying your happiness and ultimately, death. To summarize the domino effect of addictions, it starts to damage your sleep, then you become depressed, then you use even more and the cycle keeps on going until you die.

I’ve been through that, I’ve recovered, but it wasn’t easy. There are a few steps I recommend taking for someone stuck with addictions. First, realize you have a problem. Second, stay away from all temptations that could trigger your addiction. Third, Implement new habits into your life. Fourth, keep at it. Your life and your future depends on it. If you can’t do it by yourself, go get some help. There’s no shame in that. You are not alone. Remember: you are stronger than that!

– Healthy diet

This is crucial. Having a healthy diet is one of the key elements to feel better with your body and mind. This is a game changer. You can find healthy diet plans all over the internet, but I recommend you go to a professional. This person will build a personalized plan for your specific needs. do not fall in the trap of crash diets. They do not work for everyone and you will hate them because you will cut on too much on everything and you will get back to your bad habits after a week or two because the change was too drastic. I suggest not searching the internet for the simple reason you will feel submerged by information.

The benefits of eating healthy are invaluable. It will improve your heart health and reduce the risk of having cancer. It will improve your mood. You will notice a weight loss if you combine it with steady exercises. It will also improve your memory and brain health. Bones and teeth will also be affected positively.

Do not underestimate the power of a good diet. Changes won’t happen overnight, but if you commit to it, you will eventually see the results of your commitment. Warning. Do not become addicted to weighing yourself! The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning after going to the bathroom and before eating and drinking anything.

– Exercising

I can already hear you say things like: “Ohh, working out hurts! It’s painful! It’s exhausting!” You know what’s painful and exhausting? Looking at the mirror and not liking what you see! I’ve been there. I have been dreaming of having a 6 pack since I was 10. I finally got it with a healthy diet and this workout plan! You must bring yourself to do it.

Exercising regularly has many benefits, such as; helping with weight loss, it reduces the risk of heart diseases, it lowers blood pressure, it improves the quality of your sleep, it can reduce the chance of getting cancer, improve your memory and brain function, it helps sharpen your thinking, learning and judgement skills, help you manage blood sugar levels and insulin, it makes you feel good by releasing dopamine in your system and most important, it will boost your self-esteem and makes you feel more confident! To sum up, exercising is king.

– Wake up early

Some of you might not like waking up earlier. I can hear you say things like, oh I can’t do that! We all need our 8 hours of sleep, Frank! Actually the 8 hours of sleep is a myth. Every single person has a different need for sleep and doesn’t need the same amount of sleep. I suggest waking up around 6 in the morning and going to bed around 11 pm.

Waking up early will motivate you, because you will wake up before anyone else. You’re the first up! You could even try to wake up at 5!

If you wake up earlier, you can accomplish more because everyone is still asleep. You even beat the sun! You will feel empowered. Also, you can enjoy the silence and have time on your own to do whatever you’d like to. You could meditate, write in your journal or read. This time by yourself will allow you to organize your thoughts and the day ahead.

– Say YES to life

Everybody says that they’re gonna live their life to the fullest, but very few people do. You and I will! We are saying YES to life, my friend. There’s no time to waste! You don’t want to stop living at 25 years old and wait to be on your deathbed thinking to yourself that you should’ve done this or shouldn’t have done that. No! You won’t end up like this because you took the decision to live today!

You probably at some point in your life, looked back and thought to yourself, “Wow, imagine if I didn’t take that decision to do this or that, I wouldn’t be here today!”.  This is a big problem today in our society, few people get to live. Live a life they will remember. Sometimes, because they cared too much about what other people were thinking, which you and I don’t give a damn about! Because we live life to its fullest, baby! Say yes to life and say yes now!


These were the 10 tips to become unstoppable in life. If you want to dig deeper into these tips and discover many more, checkout my book Some People Will, Some People Won’t!

You can also get it as an audiobook if you don’t like to read HERE.

Frank Romeo, signing out.

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